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Nottingham Clinic

Our practitioner Mervin Goring provides a safe, welcoming space at his own private clinic on the outskirts of Nottingham. The clinic is easily accessible from the M1, making journeys to and from the clinic accessible from a veirty of wider locations including Derby and Mansfield.

Under the Serenity umbrella, Mervin works with Adults and Adolescents over the age of 18 years old.

Mervin Goring

As a qualified Counsellor of over 25 years practice, and I have chosen to work mainly within the Person – Centred Counselling framework. Person-centred counsellors create a climate of unconditional positive and congruent relationship for clients to explore their emotions and difficulties. In practice I have found I am able the use this approach to adapt to individuals’ specific needs. This paired with empathy, non-judgment and authenticity are the key to creating a relationship that promotes growth and change.

Everyone deserves support, but Assessments are a great way of gaining more information on therapy and deciding if it’s the right option. There are many reasons why adults seek the help of a psychotherapist or counsellor, but it boils down to the individual struggling with life on life’s terms. None of us is equipped with a complete set of emotional tools to navigate our living experiences successfully. As your therapist it is my role to support you to build your emotional tool kit.