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Therapy for Individuals with Long Term & Chronic Health Conditions

I hope you’ve found the right place for you. It’s likely you’ve been a long time of searching. As the Director of Serenity I both manage and run the organisation Nationwide, but also reserve a significant portion of time to working specifically with those who are looking for therapy for long term & chronic health conditions. Particularly therapy for ME patients (Myalgic Encephalemyelitis), therapy for Chronic Fatigue patients, and other autoimmune disorder patients. 

I have been working and researching this field for the last 10 years after having a family member become housebound with ME. Having conducted several research projects on the experience of Chronic Health patients and their experience of mental health support, I endeavour to provide a inclusive and flexible, person centred approach to supporting individuals manage and deal with the trauma and loss associated with such conditions. 

All sessions are a combination of Online and where necessary, open google docs where you can answer explore work at a time that is suitable for you. Sessions are ideally once per week but, I am happy to work with your recovery time to make the experience as unintrusive on your symptoms as possible. 

I would like to state at this point that I do not use CBT therapy in my approach and work in a holistic, person centred way that integrates all aspects of your wellbeing, including your physical symptoms as a contributing factor to your trauma and mental distress.

Miss Bobby Eliza Bradstock MBACP, MUKCP