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Earlswood Clinic

Our Team is set in Earlswood, Solihull, in the heart of a rural setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

The clinic is a homely, comforting farmhouse building with a welcoming reception area. On entering the clinic we aim for you to step into a space that feels safe and private. Staff will be there to greet you and support you to feel at ease when starting out. 

We have an excellent facility that accommodates the needs of all age groups. There is an adult therapy lounge and a space ideal for encouraging children and young people to express themselves creatively. 

Brad Spiers

As a child counsellor, I bring a unique blend of warmth, empathy, and patience to my practice. With a relaxed and friendly demeanor, I create a safe and supportive space where children feel comfortable expressing themselves. I reflect my nurturing and growth-oriented approach to therapy, fostering an environment where children can flourish and thrive. I incorporate play and art therapy techniques to facilitate expression and communication, allowing children to explore their emotions in a safe and creative way. I feel it is of key importance to involve parents, where applicable, on their child’s therapy journey and ensure you feel at ease during our work together.

I approach each child with an open mind and a deep understanding of their unique experiences and perspectives. My adventurous spirit allows me to adapt to diverse situations and challenges, ensuring I can meet the needs of every child I work with.

With experience in supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I bring a nuanced understanding of neurodiversity to my practice. Having worked in hospitality for several years, I have developed excellent communication skills and a keen ability to build rapport with children and families from all backgrounds.

My journey as a child counsellor has taken me to various educational settings, including Northwood Park Primary Academy and Selly Park Girls Secondary Girls School. In these environments, I have worked with children facing a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, domestic violence, ADHD, grief, transition anxiety, ASD, and LGBTQ+ concerns.

At What Centre Dudley, I have supported children dealing with eating disorders, divorce, family issues, separation anxiety, and general trauma. My therapeutic approach is integrative, drawing from traditional person-centered therapy, attachment theory, and neurobiology.

Witnessing the progress of the children I work with is incredibly rewarding for me. I am deeply passionate about giving children a voice and making a positive difference in their lives. I strive to create a therapeutic environment that is both creative and fun, where children feel empowered to explore their emotions and overcome challenges with resilience and strength.


David Crowder

Taking the step to seek support is an act of courage on your part, and as a male therapist, I am committed to providing a supportive environment for your personal growth and healing journey. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am eager to work with you and support you on your path towards self-discovery and transformation.

As a male therapist, I hold a degree in Psychology and Counselling, providing me with a solid understanding of various psychological and counselling theories. However, my expertise goes beyond academic knowledge. Through my personal growth journey using a 12-step process, I have integrated theory into my own life, resulting in a profound transformation. This experience allows me to deeply empathize with my clients and apply my learnings in a meaningful way.

In addition, I have actively participated in recovery programs, offering one-to-one support to individuals. Within my practice, I prioritize empathy, compassion, and mutual trust, creating a safe space for clients to openly share their life struggles, concerns, and positive experiences without fear of judgment. Recognizing that each person is unique, I tailor my approach to meet their specific needs. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to understand their emotions, beliefs, and experiences while addressing associated traumas, anxiety, stress, negative behaviours, and limiting beliefs. Together, we will work towards finding new ways to manage challenges, think differently, and develop positive behaviours and thoughts, all while discovering inner strengths and untapped potential.

Laura Evans

Life doesn’t always play out as we hope, and I know this from personal experience. That’s why I’m passionate about providing therapy that’s friendly, understanding, and non-judgemental. I aim to make a meaningful and practical impacts on the lives of children, young people, and adults through a genuine connection and a personalised approach.

I tailor my therapy to your needs, based on sound theory and evidence-based practice. I blend various therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), and person-centred therapy, to find realistic and practical solutions to your challenges. My goal is to help you identify where you want to be, what needs to change, and how best to get there.

I specialize in supporting adults and young people dealing with anxiety-related issues and navigating challenging life events such as managing work or exam pressures, burnout, family breakdown, and bereavement. My approach is not just about serious discussions; we can have fun along the way. As they say, laughter is the best medicine!

People have amazing strengths and can deal with the most difficult situations. Together, we can find and build on your strengths, instilling confidence and fostering resilience.

If you’re looking for a therapist who listens without judgment and provides practical, realistic support, reach out to me. Together, we can work towards your personal growth and healing.

Sophie Rose

My passion for working with children and creating a safe space for them to express themselves has been a constant in my life. Over the years, I have had the privilege of supporting young people in various capacities, including within school settings and through extracurricular youth groups.

My experience extends to working with children of all ages and levels of understanding, including those with special needs. Recognizing the importance of specialized knowledge, I recently obtained another counselling qualification to further enhance my expertise in Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling. I am deeply committed to the prevention and early intervention of mental health difficulties among young individuals.

I firmly believe that every child deserves the best possible opportunities in life to reach their full potential. Witnessing the transformative power of support, I have been inspired by the positive changes I have witnessed in the lives of children and young people.

As a therapist, I specialize in play therapy, a therapeutic approach that utilizes the power of play to engage children and facilitate their emotional expression and growth. Play therapy offers a unique avenue for young individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a developmentally appropriate and non-threatening manner.

My goal is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children and young people can thrive and make positive changes. By offering guidance and understanding, I aim to empower them to overcome challenges, build resilience, and achieve emotional well-being.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how I can support your child, please feel free to reach out. It would be a privilege to contribute to your child’s journey of growth and well-being.

Emma Carrington

As an experienced practitioner, I specialize in providing support to individuals facing high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, and low self-esteem. Additionally, I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that can arise from chronic health conditions and neurodivergence.

In my counselling practice, I draw from a blend of therapeutic approaches, including Person-Centered Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Psychodynamic Therapy. By integrating these approaches, I aim to help you make sense of your experiences and develop effective strategies for navigating the challenges you are encountering. Central to my approach is the creation of a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship where you feel comfortable exploring and processing your emotions.

Having worked extensively with individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, I recognize and respect the added complexities that can arise from diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. I am committed to providing a supportive and affirming space where you can freely express yourself and address the specific issues you may face as an LGBTQ+ individual.

Throughout my professional career, I have primarily worked in the charity sector, supporting individuals dealing with substance use issues, offending behaviour, and mental health problems. This experience has provided me with valuable insights into the interconnected nature of these challenges and has equipped me with the necessary skills to address them in a holistic and compassionate manner.

My ultimate goal as a therapist is to empower you to find resilience and develop effective coping mechanisms, allowing you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. If you are seeking support in navigating the complexities of chronic health conditions, neurodivergence, or any other personal struggles, I am here to offer guidance and understanding.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session. It would be an honour to accompany you on your journey towards healing and personal growth.

Karine Harber

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated child psychotherapist, known for my fun-loving, quirky, and loyal nature. My therapeutic approach is characterized by creativity and innovation, as I strive to create a comfortable and safe environment for children to express themselves. With a bubbly and approachable demeanor, I establish a strong rapport with my young clients.

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable experience in various childcare settings. I have worked as a nursery worker, a dance movement psychotherapist in mainstream primary schools, and have provided therapy in mental health hospitals. Additionally, I have served as an activity worker at healthcare facilities such as High Cross Hospital, Arden Lee Hospital, and a mother and baby unit at New Leaf Recovery Centre. I have also utilized movement therapy to address addiction issues and worked as a dance movement psychotherapist in a dementia care home. Currently, I am a part of the Murray Hall Community Team, where I serve as a creative arts therapist.

In my therapeutic practice, I combine person-centered approaches with developmental and attachment theories. Taking a holistic perspective, I integrate art, play, movement, role play, and storytelling into my work with young people and children. By employing a wide range of creative techniques, I aim to engage and connect with each child individually, fostering their personal growth and self-expression.

My passion lies in helping and supporting children in their journey to become the best versions of themselves. I find immense joy in inspiring and motivating young individuals, collaborating with them to identify and develop their unique individuality. By facilitating effective communication and self-discovery, I empower children to overcome challenges and cultivate a positive sense of self.